Wolves on the Landscape.

A Hands-on Resource Guide to Reduce Depredations.

Steve Primm, Nathan Lance, Kristine Inman

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Our guide is easy to use in the field 


Livestock Management for Coexistence with Large Carnivores, Healthy Land and Productive Ranches. A White Paper. Matt Barnes

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Managing Conflict: Coexistence with Grizzly Bears, Cougars and Wolves

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Electrified Fladry for Deterrence of Gray Wolves
An Evolving Manual of Best Practices
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Low-stress Herding Improves Herd Instinct, Facilitates Strategic Grazing Management. Stockmanship Journal. Matt Barnes

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Preventing Predation of Livestock—Livestock Management for Coexistence with Large Carnivores. In Practice. Matt Barnes

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Stategic Grazing Management for Complex Creative Systems. Society of Range Management. Matt Barnes. Contact People and Carnivores for Full Text.

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