People and Carnivores has more than 40 years of combined experience in reducing human-carnivore conflicts, helping both people and wildlife. If you are experiencing conflicts with bears, wolves, or cougars on your property, or in the backcountry, Contact Us and we will be happy to talk about possible solutions.

Current Project Locations and Descriptions


This map shows the general locations of our field projects, listed below are the descriptions of each. Note that these are just our field projects; scroll down for descriptions of our non-field projects.



1. Blackfeet Indian Reservation

Using Fox Lights (flashing scare devices) to deter large carnivores from approaching livestock. Also monitoring wildlife presence with trail cameras.


2. Mission Valley

Working with a farmer to design and install an innovative fencing system to keep grizzly bears out of crops. Also applying electric fencing at a nearby location to keep grizzlies away from a temporary residence near an orchard.


3. Big Hole Valley

Building a livestock carcass composting site, and distributing residential bear-proof garbage bins where needed.


4. Beaverhead - Deerlodge National Forest

Constructing bear poles in the backcountry to provide a way for recreationists to hang food or hunting carcasses.


5. Ruby Valley

Developing a livestock carcass composting and management site.


6. Madison Valley

Bear-proofing a garbage transfer station with an innovative cage and fencing system. 


7. Paradise Valley

Supporting a community implementing conflict prevention tools such as range riding and fladry. We provide cost-sharing, equipment, and we assist with fence installation.


8. Shoshone National Forest

Helping ranchers strategically manage livestock for conflict prevention and land health. Also sponsored two Low Stress Livestock Handling workshops.


9. Bridger - Teton National Forest

Designing and implementing a conflict reduction livestock management approach in collaboration with a working group of ranchers and managers. 



Other (non-field) projects we're working on: 


• Hunter/Backcountry Preparedness Film

We are partnering with experienced hunters to create a short film highlighting the importance of situational awareness in the backcountry.


• Backcountry Safety and Bear Spray Talks and Demonstrations

We give regular talks about how to recreate safely in bear country and how to use bear spray. E.g. We give monthly talks at REI in Bozeman, MT. 


• Distributing our guide Wolves on the Landscape

With project partners Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks and Wildlife Conservation Society, we created a guide to living with wolves for ranchers, which has been very popular throughout the west with landowners and managers. 


• Distributing our Fladry Manual 

We created and continue to distribute a guide that describes the proper application and deployment of fladry fencing.


• Participating in a working group and made a financial contribution to hiring a new bear outreach manager for southwest Montana.


• Consulting with other NGOs and managers to share our expertise and vision related to living with large carnivores. Also presenting our science paper (Livestock Management for Coexistence with Large Carnivores) at conferences and other events.