Electric fence is a great tool, but it's hardly "set it and forget it" technology.  People and Carnivores works hard to make sure the fences we invest in are running at peak performance. 

Permanent Fences to Exclude Wolves & Bears


There are some places on ranches where wolves and bears just shouldn't go.  Places like corrals, calving pastures, or commercial beehive areas.


In these situations, the best risk management tool may be a permanent electric fence designed to exclude bears and wolves.


The labor and materials required for this kind of fence are substantial, so it requires some planning to figure out where to put it and how it will be built.


Once in place, however, these fences require only modest maintenance, and the electricity cost is very low -- or, in the case of a solar-powered fence, free.  Properly energized, these fences have proven very effective at keeping carnivores out of livestock.


People and Carnivores can work with you to choose the right design and locate cost-share money for permanent fencing.