We really love LGDs, and so do a lot of ranchers!  They're loyal, protective, and hard-working.  So far, we're finding that they will adapt readily to protecting cattle instead of the usual sheep and goats. 

Livestock Guardian Dogs


Want a crash course in Livestock Guardian Dogs?  Watch this short video, produced with our friends at Conservation Media!


Livestock Guardian Dogs have been used for centuries by livestock producers in Europe and Asia.


'Arrow', a Kangal LGD, on the job in Canada.  Courtesy Conservation Media.


Successful LGD programs take time and dedication to develop, starting with careful genetic selection, pup socialization, and proper deployment with livestock. 


One LGD program we admire is on the Candll Ranch in north-central Saskatchewan.  Cody & Liesl Lockhart are running a mixed pack of Kangals, Anatolians, and Maremma cross LGDs. 


Komondor LGDs with yearling cattle, southwest Montana.


To make the most of this promising coexistence tool, we are working with breeders/importers who are also livestock producers – people who clearly understand the challenges their LGDs will need to meet:


Cinco Deseos Livestock Gurading Dogs - Winnemucca, Nevada

5-R Stockdogs - Billings, Montana (new website coming soon)

LGD Montana (Kangals, Spanish Mastiffs, & Pyrenean Mastiffs) - Laurel, Montana


Komondor-Akbash cross LGD, patrolling Montana pastures in calving season.