NEW Carcass Programs in 2016

People and Carnivores is teaming up with ranchers, county & state governments, and conservationist partners to develop two new carcass management projects in southwest Montana!


Agriculture and Carnivores


We work with ranchers to proactively manage the risk of carnivore conflicts.


Western agriculture has long shared space with wildlife.  In fact, ranches provide a great deal of important habitat to birds, mammals, and other wildlife species.  We work collaboratively with ranch owners and managers to maintain ranch productivity and to allow habitat use by large carnivores such as wolves and grizzly bears.



Matt Barnes range riding 


Our Tools Include 



Photo credit: Diane Hargreaves


Ranching & Risk Management


There are many different tools for dealing with large carnivores hunting livestock.  No one tool is guaranteed to work in all situations, all the time.  Here at People and Carnivores, we see the challenge as one of risk managment:  using tools and ideas efficiently to cut risks to an acceptable level.


Each producer will have a different interpretation of what's an acceptable risk -- be it from weather, markets, theft, or predators -- and how much effort it's worth to get there.  Our job is to help get promising ideas on the ground, in the most efficient way possible, and give it our collective best effort.