Meet our People



Lisa Upson is the Executive Director of People and Carnivores and brings a background in law, organizational development, and wildlife conservation. Prior to joining Keystone, Lisa was a wildlife advocate with the Natural Resources Defense Council working on endangered species campaigns (grizzly bears and wolves). Lisa is also on faculty with the College of Business at Montana State University. Lisa has a Juris Doctorate from New England School of Law and is a volunteer mediator for the Community Mediation Center and County Court in Bozeman, Montana.


Contact: lupson@peopleandcarnivores.org, 406-587-3389




Steve Primm is a founding partner and inter-disciplinary problem solver for P&C. From a Missouri farming family, Steve grew up with twin passions for wild nature and sustainable agriculture. Working with people to prevent conflicts with grizzlies and wolves gives him the opportunity to turn those passions into a job. Steve works across western Montana and northwest Wyoming, from the deepest backcountry to rural subdivisions and ranches.


Contact: sprimm@peopleandcarnivores.org, (c) 406-600-9481, (h) 406-682-5244




Matt Barnes collaborates with ranchers and land managers to integrate livestock-carnivore coexistence with holistic ranch and rangeland stewardship. Matt is an applied rangeland scientist and conservationist, whose work has focused on grazing management. Recently, Matt ran a holistically managed custom grazing operation at a Colorado ranch, developed conservation and grazing plans in the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service, prevented and mitigated human-bear conflict with the USDI National Park Service, and trapped grizzly bears for the Idaho Department of Fish and Game. He is a Certified Professional in Rangeland Management, and holds an MS in Range Science from Utah State University and a BS in Wildlife Ecology from the University of Arizona.


Contact: mbarnes@peopleandcarnivores.org, 406-587-3389




Bryce Andrews has worked for a decade as a ranch manager and land steward in Montana. He has written and spoken extensively on issues related to coexistence and sustainable agriculture. His first book, Badluck Way, was published by Simon and Schuster in 2014. Badluck Way deals with the complex, challenging realities of ranching on the edge of Yellowstone National Park, and has won regional and national awards.


Contact: bpc.andrews@gmail.com




Martha Sellers - Director of Development and Communication, coordinates the organization's fundraising efforts and communication strategies. Originally from Minnesota, Martha worked in Yellowstone National Park in the early 90s before moving permanently to Bozeman. She worked at Montana State University for 18 years on a multitude of grant-funded projects; most recently she mentored undergraduates from many science and engineering disciplines. Martha holds a Master's of Public Administration from MSU and a BA in News/Editorial Journalism from the University of St. Thomas.


Contact: msellers@peopleandcarnivores.org